‘Nothing but male-specific marketing’: A nutritionist explains healthy eating

Whether a food is healthy or unhealthy usually depends on the quantity. Nutritionist and author Martin Smolich explains how certain diets affect the body.

Much has long been known about a healthy and balanced diet. But nutritional medicine has never worked The ability to accurately understand the effects of certain diets on the human body like these days. Mr. Dr. Martin Smolich is a nutritionist at the Institute of Nutritional Medicine at the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein. What foods owe their popularity to certain marketing strategies and which foods are most suitable for a balanced diet Martin Smolich explains in an interview with Die Zeit. It also explains which products people should only consume in moderation.

How harmful is meat?

According to Smolich, consuming higher amounts of meat “clearly has health drawbacks.” Specially processed meat products such as Therefore, sausage or ham are dangerous to health. According to the Nutrition Report, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies these products as “definitely carcinogenic.”

“Processed meat products often contain processed salts, which are used to form carcinogenic nitrosamines in the body,” explains Smolich. In addition, depending on the doctor’s opinion, roasting or grilling by-productsWhich according to the professor also Promote the development of cancer ability.

In addition, a meat-heavy diet contains hardly any fiber, which has a cancer-preventive effect, according to Smolch. In addition, meat is rich in salt and the anti-inflammatory arachidonic acid, and because of its high energy density, can lead to faster weight gain and obesity.

This is the best way to replace meat

In general, meat is a source protein And sure micronutrients; – But you can do all this easily by eating alternative foods to registerSmallch knows. According to him, the prejudice that one might lose muscle mass without eating meat lingers in many people’s minds: “But that’s just male-specific marketing,” notes Smolich.

According to the doctor, meat can be replaced with certain products. Advise legumes: Whether it’s a lentil, bean or pea broth – legumes are purveyors of high-quality vegetable protein. Plus, they contain loads of fiber, explains Smallish.

That’s why Smallch advises: “If you leave out meat, you should eat beans, peas, lentils, soybeans, and chickpeas several times a week.” protein He is Nuts Beside Millet, oats, wheat and quinoa.

High quality vegetables and oils for a balanced diet

When it comes to a healthy, balanced diet, Smollich points to a quote by Michael Pollan, author of seven books on health and nutrition: “Eating food, mostly plants, not so much. With that in mind, Smollich recommends a diet consisting primarily of “plenty of vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grain products, berries, nuts, and quality oils.” “

Altogether, it should be “whole, fresh and varied,” according to nutritionists – and above all: not too much. In general, Smollich advises 200 grams of vegetables per daywhich could actually increase the risk of having a stroke 13 percent less. Vegetables have a very high nutrient density with very few calories, as well as fiber and secondary plant matter.

High quality Vegetable oils It is also important for the body because it Prevent inflammation ability. This is especially important because medicine has recognized in recent years that many diseases are preceded by inflammatory processes, including atherosclerosis, colon cancer, or neurological diseases, Smolich adds.

In general, a relaxed approach to nutrition is required by the doctor. “The compulsive pursuit of the perfect diet is not good for the psyche.” “Sunday cream cake or an irregular bag of chips isn’t a problem if I’m eating otherwise healthy and avoiding weight gain,” says Smollich.

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