“Not worth it today”

(Motorsport-Total.com) – For Mick Schumacher, the best start of his Formula 1 career ended in disappointment. Because Germany could not take advantage of his sixth starting position in Canada and retired with a technical glitch after just 20 rounds.

Mick Schumacher (Haas) at the 2022 Formula 1 race in Canada.

Mick Schumacher is still waiting for his first Formula 1 points

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In his spare time, he was comfortably seventh in points and could have scored the first points of his career. But the eighth time, his hose suddenly struck, and Schumacher parked his car in the run-off zone, necessitating a virtual security car.

“Of course in this case it’s an unpleasant feeling, because we had the driving speed of the P5, it looks like,” he said angrily. In his spare time, Schumacher was ahead of Guanyu Zhou (Alfa Romeo), who finished eighth in the race.

“It’s always hard to accept things like that. But when you’re at points, it can be even harder to park the car,” he says.

MGU-K or MGU-H – He did not know what was broken in the hose. “One of those components was completely broken, which is why I had this sudden stop,” he explains. “We had to park the car, otherwise it would have been more broken.”

“Should take the pill”

“Sure it’s very disappointing, but things like that happen in Formula 1. We have to take the pill,” Schumacher said, adding that he thought he was good at racing until then: “I’m progressing slowly,” he says. . The German had to repair the dry road after a rainy Saturday, but he managed it well.

“We got to the rhythm, we could have done better,” he firmly believes.

But Schumacher and Haas failed to provide evidence. After the best qualification in the history of the team, it was a bitter disappointment for the racing team. For the first time, the team started with two vehicles from the first three starting rows, but it did not last long.

Because Kevin Magnusen was called to the pits by the racing control, his front wing was damaged in a collision with Lewis Hamilton in the first lap, and Kevin Magnuson also exited the points early. With a stopping strategy, Dane finished 17th and last.

“Not worth it today”

Despite the unsatisfactory results, Schumacher takes a lot of positives from Montreal. Because he still qualifies for success with Grid Position Six and is at a good pace over the weekend. “We’ve already shown what it takes to finish on points. I think today would have been another day. Another day.”

“We knew we had speed. But we had two tough races, so it’s good to have good qualification and good racing speed,” German continued. “We have not come up with any improvements and the car is still the same as it was at the start of the season – yet we are performing better. It’s obviously very positive.”

Its main feature is that Schumacher still has an empty dots account. However, he does not stop there, and insists that his motivation is still there: “I’m here because I love sports and want to drive,” he makes clear.

“I want to earn what I struggle for, but unfortunately today we do not deserve it. But I hope many more opportunities will come.” He is adamant: “At some point the wave will change.”


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