Not all people see it: optical illusion has a chilling effect

Not everyone sees that
Optical illusion has a scary effect

The new optical illusion in science has an amazing effect on most people: watching it makes them feel as if they are entering a tunnel or falling into a ditch. Researchers have an explanation for this phenomenon.

The amazing optical illusion developed by scientists makes viewers feel as if they are entering a tunnel or falling into a ditch. The Japanese invented the “expanding hatch” Akiyoshi Kitaoka Imagine, pregnant. He is a psychiatrist at Ritsumeikan University in Kobe. one in the magazine “Prospects in Human Neuroscience” A published study found that the effect was noted by 86 percent of all people.

Bruno Laeng, a professor in the School of Psychology from the University of Oslo and first author of the study, explains, reports the magazine.

But why is this effect seen at all? “The illusion of the ‘dilated aperture’ causes the pupils to dilate, just as if it was actually getting dark,” says Ling. This indicates that the amount of light energy actually entering the eye is not the only reason for the reaction of the human pupil. “Instead, the eye is in tune with perceived light and even imaginary light, not just physical energy.” Researchers in the field of psychosocial science study such optical illusions in order to understand the complex processes involved in visual perception of the world.

With colored holes the effect is less strong

Lange and his colleagues also conducted experiments with different colored holes and tested them on humans. It turns out that deception was most effective when the hole was a black hole. However, not all people seemed to feel the same: 14 percent of participants did not notice any phantom expansion when the hole was black, while 20 percent did not notice when the hole was colored. The subjective power of deception varied widely among those who recognized the expansion.

Researchers do not yet know why a minority of people seem reluctant to deceive the “widening gap”. It’s also unclear whether other vertebrate species, or even non-vertebrate camera-eyed animals, such as cuttlefish, perceive the same illusion as humans.


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