Bayern and Liverpool approach each other for a fee

FC Bayern are currently set to sign Sadio Mane. Although Munich should already have a contract with that player, the contract with Liverpool is still pending. According to current media reports, the two clubs are now approaching.

Becoming a German record champion from Mane will always take decisive form. Talks between Bayern and Liverpool have been ongoing since this week. According to exchange insider Matteo Moretto, the two clubs are making little progress in exchange talks.

Mane wants to go to Bayern

According to Moretto, the two clubs are slowly but surely merging on fees. According to reports, Bayern are willing to pay up to 40 million euros to Senegal, of which 30 million euros have been set aside and the rest to be paid as bonus payments. On the other hand, the Red team is demanding 50 million euros for the attacking player.

Due to Mane’s relatively short contract until 2023, Liverpool will not have the best negotiating position.

This is interesting: according to Moretto, Mane wants to move to Bayern in the summer. The striker recently joined Paris Saint-Germain, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

According to reports, the FCP has already reached a basic agreement with the player. He has a 3 year contract with a salary of over 20 million euros per season.


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