North Carolina: Police shootings of African Americans killed again in the United States
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African Americans shot dead by police in the United States

Shooting Vice Shooting in North Carolina Shooting Vice Shooting in North Carolina

Police cordoned off the crime scene. One of the residents filmed the officers

Source: AP / Chris Day

Just one day after Derek Chauvin was convicted at the George Floyd trial, a 40-year-old African American was shot dead during a police operation in North Carolina. So far, Al-Sharif has not given any other details about the course of events.

IIn the United States, another African American was shot dead during a police operation. The accident occurred in the small town of Elizabeth City, North Carolina, when officials were executing a search warrant, said Tommy Wooten, Pascotank County Sheriff, on Wednesday afternoon (local time). The hunt was for the future victim, Andrew Brown Jr. However, Sharif did not provide details of what happened or the reason for the search warrant against Brown.

According to local media reports, the unarmed 40-year-old reportedly got into his car during the search and wanted to drive away. Family members said there was gunfire.

The accident is now being investigated by the relevant state authority (SBI). Wooten said the officer who fired the shots is on leave until further notice. County Prosecutor Andrew Wumble promised to conduct a thorough investigation.

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George Floyd

The accident occurred just a day after former white cop Derek Chauvin was announced in the case of the murder of African American George Floyd in Minnesota. The murder of the defenseless 46-year-old almost a year ago led to mass protests against racism and police violence in the United States. Also Tuesday afternoon, an Ohio police officer shot dead a 16-year-old black woman who was videotaped and armed with a knife.

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Last year alone, 243 black people were shot dead by police in the United States, according to a database from The Washington Post.


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