New RTL rendition with Jürgen Vogel and Mario Barth:

RTL will be showing a new comic game show starting in May: When you have to make the decision, Jürgen Vogel (52) and Mario Barth (48) compete in hilarious duels.

Cologne – A new comic game show to be released on RTL in May: ‘You decide’ Jürgen Vogel (52) and Mario Barth (48) current clichés are put to the test. In the end, only those who change their minds can win!

Jürgen Vogel (52, left) and Mario Barth (48) at the new RTL show "You have to choose" Funny duels.  The show will be directed by Catherine Porvind (38 years old).

Jürgen Vogel (52, left) and Mario Barth (48) face hilarious duels in RTL’s new show “You Have to Decide”. The show will be directed by Catherine Porvind (38 years old). © TVNOW / Sebastian Drouin

“Men are better drivers” or “bodybuilders don’t have anything on their heads” are common cliches that can fool the point of view of the truth.

In a new four-part show, comedian Mario Barth and actor Jürgen Vogel want to put an end to all kinds of prejudices once and for all!

In a duel that is as exceptional as it is entertaining, they compete against each other and must rely on their instinct, courage, and knowledge of human nature. Only those who say goodbye to the usual cliché can win in the end.

Although both celebrities are allowed to choose a pro for each game that will help solve the set of quests, it can be tough for them both. Because Mario and Jurgen have to choose their respective assistant from five candidates, they knew nothing of their abilities at first.

Only one of the available fans has the appropriate skills needed for the tour of the game in question. So neither of them was left but to judge the candidates by their appearance.

The TV show will be directed by Katrin Porvind (38).

How to show comedian and actor fare RTL In the first version of the show on May 12th It is 8.15 pm

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