New references for 4K audio and Bluetooth in current update

Dataminers likely have signals to the 4K version as well as supported Bluetooth audio for Nintendo Switch Discover. to me Nintendo In this update only an error has been eliminated when saving data. In fact, there’s definitely more to this update.

Confidential details

a Twitter-User OatmealDome has made interesting discoveries in the current discovery Nintendo Switch Updated. The data may contain indicators of upcoming 4K resolution as well as Bluetooth audio. These are discoveries in the current discovery Nintendo Switch 12.0.0 update as there are still unknown functions using it Nintendo Not connected.

Cradle first

else Twitter– User has also found that the term “crda” can refer to “Cradle Aula”. “Cradle” is the term used in the current controller dock for Nintendo Switch He stands, while the word “hall” has long been suspected as a codename for the 4K version of the console.

Bluetooth audio

Moreover, audio support for Bluetooth driver for Nintendo Switch Discover. This long-awaited feature allows gamers to use the console with wireless headphones.

what ever. Should Nintendo In fact, behind closed doors is a philanthropist Nintendo Switch Working version, updates like these can provide clues first.

Those: via OatmealDome

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