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Microsoft Edge: Linux, IE Mode, and new browser search functions

Microsoft Edge: Linux, IE Mode, and new browser search functions
Microsoft Edge: Linux, IE Mode, and new browser search functions

Microsoft published the latest version of its Edge browser based on Chromium for the free Linux operating system and announced support for IE Mode until 2029. In addition, Microsoft’s well-known search shortcuts from Microsoft 365 should make Internet searches with Edge more convenient in the future .

Microsoft Edge for Linux Ready

Under the somewhat grim title “Microsoft Edge celebrates customers transitioning to IE, Linux, and new search innovations,” Microsoft celebrates several milestones the company has set for itself. On the other hand, the latest version of Edge for Linux, which has been tested since October 2020 is officially published today. The browser is offered in .DEB and .RPM format for free Linux based operating systems and distributions.

ComputerBase also provides Microsoft Edge for Linux in the download area. RPM package manager package (round per minute) already available, a Debian package will be sent if available.

IE Mode support extended to 2029

Additionally, support for IE Mode, which emulates Internet Explorer 11 in Edge and is particularly interesting for businesses, has been extended through 2029, giving enterprise customers an extra grace period until the switch to Edge based on Chromium is finally implemented. As a positive example of the switch, Microsoft cites the Federal Employment Agency (BA), which updated its browser for 95,000 employees during the pandemic.

We have many applications that still depend on Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is a browser that serves us two worlds.

Ronnie Intrau, Browser Product Manager, BA

Microsoft states that the result of this renewal will mean that every employee of the federal agency, from the IT department to developers and employees, will be better able to serve customers using Microsoft Edge or IE Mode.

Microsoft Edge's IE mode will be supported until 2029
Microsoft Edge’s IE mode will be supported until 2029 (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft Search Shortcuts in Edge

Finally, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Search Shortcuts as part of Microsoft 365 will be more closely integrated into Microsoft Edge in the future. Above all, they will optimize search queries in a professional context, according to the group.

The Job Search Shortcut function helps narrow your search by entering “job” or keywords assigned by an IT professional into the search bar in Microsoft Edge.


Microsoft Search should also display personalized search suggestions that will make everyday work more productive.

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Microsoft has more information about files Microsoft Edge Blog sum up.


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