New privacy settings for Whatsapp: you should know it by now - Technology

Thanks to the new privacy option, WhatsApp users no longer have to delete contacts from the address book if they want to hide their profile information from them.

Who doesn’t know: The list of contacts on the mobile phone is getting longer and longer due to new contacts at work or university – and suddenly hundreds of users can see a profile picture or status: personal and intimate information that is actually only provided to the closest contacts wanted.

Already submitted in September

Thanks to a new feature of the chat giant, users can now hide private information such as status and profile picture from some users – the company announced Thursday via Twitter.

Whatsapp introduced the new option back in September last year; From now on, you can use Android and Apple users.

Originally, WhatsApp only had three settings that controlled who could see profile information: Everyone, My Contacts, and Nobody. Either you have to completely hide private information, minimize it to your contact list or make it available to all users.

Since June 16, users have been able to select the additional option “My contacts except…”. A list of all contacts appears. With a red tick, you can click on contacts whose status and profile picture should not appear – this was possible only before by deleting the contact from the smartphone’s address book.

The new options can be found in the Settings menu under the “Account/Privacy” category.


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