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A protein essential for a healthy brain and the development of cancer metastases

An international research team has discovered how the molecular pathway can be newly identified Proteins both for brain development is necessary as well as how to change its course to spread crepes can lead. The new findings could lead to a precedent diagnosis and more targeted treatment or treatment It leads to brain disease and cancer.

The team reported that the protein ZNF827 is essential for brain health, but also as a cause of cancer metastases. The new findings, obtained with the participation of researchers from the University Medical Center Mainz, could improve the diagnosis and treatment of brain diseases and cancer. The results of the study were published in the journal “Nature Cell BiologyChest.

double sided protein

according to message The international research group, in which scientists from the First Medical Clinic, the Urology Clinic and the Institute of Physiological Chemistry of the University Medical Center Mainz, have identified a protein important for the formation of healthy brain cells and the development of cancer metastases which means it is.

The researchers found that ZNF827 . protein It regulates a mechanism in these two cellular processes that enable the cell to migrate: the so-called epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT).

Cells can migrate

As described in contact, epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) Epithelial cells, which are closely related to tissues, to form the so-called mesenchymal stromal cells. This has the special property of being able to hike.

about Mechanismswhich controls EMT and the cellular migration it enables, was previously little known.

Through their study, researchers from Belfast (UK), La Jolla (USA), San Diego (USA), Montpellier (France), Stockholm (Sweden) and Mainz have now been able to prove that Zinkfingerprotein ZNF827 is primarily responsible for the regulation of EMT.

Ensures EMT in the newly formed brain nervous cells Moving to a specific site and forming an intact neural network. If this relaying process is disturbed, the neurons do not connect properly.

As part of their research work, the scientists were able to demonstrate that if there is a deficiency of the ZNF827 protein, fewer new neurons are formed and cell migration drops sharply.

If there is an excess of ZNF827, the cells develop too early and as a result can ruin originate in the brain. From these findings, the experts concluded that the ZNF827 protein is an essential factor for healthy brain development.

Less spread of metastases

The mechanism of EMT also plays a role in cancer A major role. A tumor uses the machinery to develop, encapsulate, and move its cells.

In this way, cancer cells can spread throughout the body and cause what is known as a metastasis. especially in one late stage During cancer, EMT causes aggressive tumor growth and metastasis.

when investigating breast cancer cells The researchers were able to demonstrate that the protein ZNF827 – similar to neurons in the brain – also critically determines the EMT of cancer cells: if ZNF827 is deficient, the tumor grows slowly and spreads fewer metastases to the lungs.

According to the research team, these new findings represent a significant advance in understanding the molecular processes involved in EMT. It opens up new horizons for innovation Diagnostic and therapeutic approaches in brain diseases and various types of cancer. (ad)

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