New Final Fantasy for PlayStation 5 said to be

It’s getting exciting. We reported over the weekend that Insider Navtra had rumored “A New Final Fantasy for PlayStation 5”. Navtra has a very convincing set of predictions that actually happen later. His specialty is Square Enix and Sony.

“It’s something new. It’s not as classy as Final Fantasy XVI or Forspoken, but it’s more important than World of Final Fantasy or Remaster,” Navtra explained. He then proceeded on the basis of many speculations.

It is not an Ivalice, tactics or warriors. But it is definitely “inspired by souls”. On the other hand, this is not what you might imagine if you heard of a “spirited attacker”. interesting.

Even before Navtra spoke of Souls’ inspiration, another person on the inside jumped over to his side. to Wccftech Souls Hunt is said to have actually provided correct information in the past.

at Video It shows that the unannounced game is supposed to be a game created by Team Ninja (Nioh) and inspired by Souls.

Like Navtra, he believes the game will be revealed at E3. With all the rumors, one thing is for sure. We’ll soon know if this is true. Because E3 will take place from June 12-15.

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