The number of dengue cases has exceeded 2,000 in Chitwan District. The Chitwan District Health Department reports that 2,164 people have been confirmed to have dengue fever this year (as of October 27, 2022).

One thousand four hundred and fifty-one cases are from Chitwan District – the rest are from other districts.

Dengue was confirmed in 978 people in Bharatpur, 124 people in Khirahani town, 28 people in Madi, 197 people in Ratnangarh, 79 people in Rapti, 37 people in Kalika townships and eight people in rural Ishakamana town.

The first case of dengue was reported in Nepal in 2004. Since then, cases of dengue have been reported regularly in Nepal. The previous peak was in 2019 with 17,992 dengue cases reported from 68 districts.

Dengue fever is a rapidly spreading disease in Nepal. The incidence of dengue has increased in recent years mainly due to the spread of Aedes aegypti and Aedes albicans vectors. In Nepal, comes every 4 dengue fever
serotypes, with DENV-1 and 2 accounting for the greatest burden to date.

Dengue fever transmission


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