Neo-Nazis want to

In Brandenburg, a far-right party wants to cross the border. Apparently, immigrants should be prevented from entering the country illegally. It appears that the organization is planning to create community groups.

Because of the large number of illegal border crossings, including the Polish border in Brandenburg, Wants neo-nazis judicial intervention. The far-right “Third Way” party called on its website at night from Saturday to Sunday to “cross the border” in the Gubin district (Spiri Nissi region). The Berliner Zeitung and the Marksch Allgemeine are mentioned first.

“We don’t want a second 2015 and no more mass immigration of young people who enter our country illegally here,” the neo-Nazi party’s appeal read. At irregular intervals, one wants to walk the border areas in order to track down the “illegal aliens”. Bring your ID, dark weatherproof clothing, headlight, flashlight, gloves and, if available, a night vision device.

Federal Police in Berlin has the call “in view”

The Federal Police Nearly many people attacked at the German-Polish border in Brandenburg in October Unauthorized entry into Germany through Belarus From January to September.

As of Sunday, officials counted more than 3,302 unauthorized entries this year Belarus And PolandAccording to the Federal Police Directorate, it was until the end of September Berlin 1,556. The detainees came mainly from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Yemen.

In response to a question on T-Online, a spokesman said the Federal Police in Berlin had received the call “with consideration”. The authority told dpa that they are coordinating closely with state authorities in Brandenburg and also working with Polish border guards. She added that the tasks of the border police are the competence of the Federal Police. Emergency services have been beefed up in the past few weeks.

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Neo-Nazis seem to be planning more ‘border crossings’

Whether the police presence should be increased again on the night corresponding to immigrants To protect against potential attacks, the speaker couldn’t tell t-online at first.

The Third Way appears to be planning to create community groups in the area. So more “border crossings” were planned.


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