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NBA: Seconds before the end, the amazing act feeds Milwaukee’s dream

NBA: Seconds before the end, the amazing act feeds Milwaukee’s dream
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Seconds before the end, an exciting action shoots Milwaukee’s title dream

2021 NBA Finals - Game Five 2021 NBA Finals - Game Five

Only his show is worth the entrance fee: Milwaukee’s Giannis Antotoca onbo (Jersey No. 34)

Source: AFP / Christian Peterson

50 years of misery for the Milwaukee Bucks may come to an end. Like the fourth game, the fifth game of the NBA Final Series against the Phoenix Suns was a significant move just before the end of the fight. Focused on Superstar Antedoga Ounpo.

WithFor the second time in three days, the Milwaukee Bucks won an NBA Final against the Phoenix Suns with an amazing display. If Giannis Antedogounbo was still a stumbling block in the fourth game, Greek superstar Jr. would have completed an alley-off pass from Holiday in 12.5: 119 in 13.5 seconds.

Phoenix snatched the ball from Devin Booker before the holiday, with the game’s best basket hunter with 40 points and Bucks 120: 119. “It’s a big theft and bass,” said Antotoka onbo, “he can run the clock, but he trusted me.”

Holiday said: “Giannis wanted to take off the ball and at that moment I threw it as hard as I could.” Antedo ounbo caught the ball in the air and stuffed it into the basket – the so-called alley-op.

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Antedogounbo missed the next free throw, but got back, possessing Milwaukee. After a while, Chris Middleton performed better so the Bucks could win the third final game in a row against the Suns.

Antedogounbo scored 32 points for Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee now leads 3-2 in the fantastic series. One more win for the Bucks since their second championship since 1971. Game Six Wednesday Night (3.00 am / DAZN) In Milwaukee. If the Phoenix are to win, there will be a seventh and decisive final game for the Suns on Friday morning (3.00 am / DAZN) Home law repeats.

In front of 16,562 loud spectators at the nearly fully occupied Phoenix Suns Arena, the game was a reflection of five full finals: after the first quarter, the Phoenix led 37:21, but Milwaukee was 43:24 and 64:51 in the second half. In the end, the Suns came to a point with 12: 3 – but then won the ball against Holiday Booker.

He scored 32 points on behalf of the Antioch ounbo Bucks. The 26-year-old Greek had the support of Middleton (29 points) and Holiday (27 points, 13 assists). Booker playmaker Chris Paul was the most notable with 21 points and eleven assists in the next innings, as well as Deandre Ayden with 20 points and ten rebounds.

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