Home Top News “Not uncommon”: Hurricane moves over hinge – four seriously injured

“Not uncommon”: Hurricane moves over hinge – four seriously injured

“Not uncommon”: Hurricane moves over hinge – four seriously injured

“Not unusual”
The hurricane moves over the hinge – four people are seriously injured

On Wednesday evening, a hurricane swept through the hinge browser. People were washed in water or hit by objects, and many were seriously injured. Such an event is unpredictable, a meteorologist insists.

According to a meteorologist, hurricanes in the water at this time of year are not uncommon – not even hinged. Several people were injured in the early hours of Wednesday morning at the hinge line, according to police. “Something like this is completely unpredictable,” says Sebastian Watche, a Kiel graduate meteorologist from Wetterweld. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. According to officials, Hurricane Keel hit the fort – a popular browser on the coast – around 6 p.m. The fire department said four people were seriously injured in the incident. Three sustained minor injuries and several sustained minor injuries.

Firefighters said several boatmen were surprised at the jetty when they tried to rescue two boats from the water. “They turned upside down completely and in the process people fell into the water.” Some blew objects on the head. 60 assistants were on site, and deployment lasted about two hours.

“Based on the pictures, we consider it a hurricane,” said Michael Bottits, a meteorologist with the German Meteorological Agency (DWD). He still couldn’t say goodbye. According to firefighters, several roofs were covered in a new development area in Kiel-Meimerstarp. In the hinge-garden, the tiles were torn from the roof. Several videos of the incident could be seen on the internet. “That’s awesome,” a voice heard while watching the weather event on the Twitter video.

“A lot was flying”

Bernd Close, president of the First Kiel Rowing Club since 1862, said: “People are affected. It’s sad.” Around the club in the evening, a fallen tree, torn branches or an overturned trash can were reminiscent of a violent incident. “There was a lot flying around,” said an employee of a nearby restaurant. “It took everyone emotionally.”

At the time of the incident, Keel’s Mayor Ulf Kamffer was on the city’s economic committee and learned about the storm via a text message from firefighters. Shortly afterwards, he received a text message from his son, who was attending rowing classes at the club. His son was lucky and got there a few moments after the hurricane. “You can see how fast things like that go,” the executive chairman said. He expressed his gratitude to the fire brigade and rescue personnel.

Hurricanes Hurricanes. They arise when there are large differences in temperature and occur frequently with thunderstorms in Central Europe. The stem-like cloud tube extends from the thunderstorm to the ground.

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