The newly-caught – and publicly celebrated – love bliss between ex-GNTM co-star Natalie Falk and entrepreneur Frank Otto has been pushed into the background by revealing her ex-boyfriend on Instagram. Timur A., ​​who lives in Turkey with whom Faulk was in a relationship from 2020 to 2021, posted a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation with her on his profile.

You can see an informative article that Timur A. sent to Natalie Falk. It’s about a cryptic Instagram post in which she writes after her breakup with Timur A: “A lying man will never be able to do business with an honest woman.”

‘She left, not me’ Natalie Foulkes says.

At that time, Timur A wrote under the link to the article: “I left, not me.” The couple separated in September 2021 after a month-long courtship.

Accordingly, Natalie Foulkes’ response to this Whatsapp message is surprising. She wrote to her ex-husband: I still love you, my love… I hope you find happiness. Don’t show that to the novice either. I am grateful for everything you have given me. She even puts on a kiss emoji.

Timur A seemed to have a new person by his side at the time. And Natalie Falk? Wasn’t it necessary to “buy” her out of the relationship after all, and according to her ex-boyfriend, it just went away on its own? Public disclosure of current and past relationships is common among those involved – so new details in this matter may only be a matter of time. Timur As Post has since been deleted.

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