NASA’s Artemis 1 mission sets a distance record

NASA’s Artemis 1 mission sets a distance record
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NASA’s Artemis 1 mission sets a distance record

View of Earth from the Orion capsule View of Earth from the Orion capsule

View of Earth from the Orion capsule

Source: dpa / Uncredited

There are now more than 400,000 kilometers between NASA’s Orion space capsule and Earth. Never before has a spacecraft designed for humans traveled greater distance than Earth. In two years, astronauts will fly, too.

sTen days after its launch, the Orion capsule of NASA’s Artemis 1 lunar mission set a distance record. It is more than 249,000 miles (more than 400,000 km) from Earth, the US space agency said on Saturday. on Twitter with. This is the longest distance ever for a man-made spacecraft.

According to a previously distributed press release, the previous record was set more than 50 years ago by the Apollo 13 mission with 248,655 miles.

There are no people aboard the “Orion” capsule, and the astronauts only have to fly on the “Artemis 2” mission planned for 2024. Shortly before Saturday’s recording, Orion swung in lunar orbit.

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Matthias Maurer says:

The Artemis 1 mission will make its first test launch on November 16 (local time) after months of delays. The capsule is expected to return to Earth on December 11, after a journey of about two million kilometers.

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Through the “Artemis” program, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, American astronauts are set to land on the moon again in the coming years, including for the first time a woman and a non-white person.

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