Schmidt, Schmidt

MSV Duisburg conceded two early goals against Waldhof Mannheim (1:3) on the losing track. Coach Hagen Schmidt remains optimistic.

Over 8000 spectators watched the floodlights at Schauinsland-Reisen-Arena on Friday MSV Duisburg He lost to Waldhof Mannheim. After the final whistle, “landing” calls came from the Waldhof fans who had traveled with them from the guest building, and “Grlic out” could be heard from the other side. In terms of sports, much was reminiscent of the gritty appearance at the Grünwalder Stadium. Against Munich, Hagen Schmidt’s offensive line was clearly visible on the pitch. However, very little came.

“The result is bitter when you show decent performance over long periods,” the coach analyzed. “We just got back in the first 20 minutes and we weren’t on the field from the start. We lost our balance in the second half.” The dangerous outsider, who the 51-year-old was hoping for more after the start of the second half, is no longer able to make any accents. Mannheim eventually took on MSV.

Next stop in Freiburg: Schmidt expects tough chops

“It’s always difficult to defend ourselves. However, it’s still early in the season and I’m convinced we’re going to finish it off,” he said. schmidt Already in the next first leg in Freiburg 2. At the Dreisam Stadium there is a meeting with the former striker Vincent Vermeg. “It’s going to be tough. We’re under pressure. I have to deal with that now. And I’ll get us out of there and quickly get back into the fight mode,” the coach said.

The prerequisite for taking something countable from the direct competitor in the basement of the table: MSV Urgent need to address individual errors in the defensive network. “We have to keep going full speed and not complaining about it. If we don’t fix the mistakes it will be difficult. But I am sure we can do it.” And the next matches will show if that will work.


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