“Ms. Marvel at Disney +”: When will Episode 2 come out?

“Ms. Marvel at Disney +”: When will Episode 2 come out?

Marvel fans can now enjoy the new series. For those who have already seen the introduction and are wondering when and how to proceed, here is the answer.

Miss the poster.  Marvel Season 1

“Doctor Strange 2” recently debuted in German theaters and “Thor 4” is already in the early stages, and now a new heroine is conquering the MCU world at Disney: “Mrs. Marvel” or Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) a generation of new, young and diverse superheroes. Belonging, they will no longer ensure the safety of humanity.

Their introduction was very interesting and not only convinced the critics but also convinced the Marvel fans as the first reviews show. Related sites Outside of the show and series universe, Vellani already has a permanent place in the hearts of Marvel fans, and in the attached article.

Just “Ms. Marvel” but there are many more MCU adventures on DisneyPlus – secure your subscription now.

“Ms. Marvel”: Watch Episode 2 on Disney + Stream

“Ms. Marvel” is designed as a short series and consists of only six entertaining episodes. Accordingly, a new episode awaits you every week on Disney + from June 8, 2022 until mid-July. If you are already looking forward to the second episode WednesdayThe 15. June 2022 Mark it on the calendar and turn on Disney + from 9am.

Have you lost sight of what Marvel films and series await you in the future? Our video clarifies:

“Ms. Marvel”: Episode 1 finale credits scene illustrated

– Warning: Spoilers “Mrs. Awesome! –

In the middle of the credits of the first episode, we see Agent Cleary (Ariane Moyd) already known from “Spider-Man: No Way Home”. This time, he joins Agent Deaver (Alicia Rainer) and the two watch a video of Kamala’s superpower show in Avengers. Clary is quick to conclude that Kamala Khan should be arrested. Both agents work in the damage control department, which was used to clean up battlefields of technology dangerous to the public. However, it is now a law enforcement agency that registers dangerous individuals, among other things. Therefore, it is logical that Kamala Khan will appear on her radar and be able to communicate directly with Damage Control in Episode 2.

“Ms. Marvel”: Episode Guide

If you are unable to tune in immediately at the start of a new episode or are prevented from doing so, stay tuned with our clear episode guide:

Datum Effect Contents
8. June 2022 “Avenger” (1) Kamala attends a superhero show called “Avenger Khan”. There she discovers the superpowers she possessed.
15. June 2022 tba (2)
22. June 2022 tba (3)
29. June 2022 tba (4)
July 6, 2022 tba (5)
July 13, 2022 tba (6)

Only true Marvel fans can complete the following quiz:

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