The documentary “Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock” was shown on Sunday (1/16/2022) on television. You can read all the information about the repetition online in the media center and on TV here at

Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock at Artie
Photo: Aarti, quoted by FUNKE magazines

On Sunday (16/1/2022) at 10:20 pm, the movie “Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock” was broadcast on television. You have the shipment with you art I can’t see, but you still want to see “Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock”? Take a look at Arte media library. This offers many online TV contributions as video on demand for broadcast – also and above all after the respective broadcast on TV. As a rule, you will find the program online after the TV broadcast. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. For now, Arte will not repeat it on line TV.

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‘Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock’ on TV: This is what the documentary is about

Suspense, thriller, serial killers, psychopaths of all kinds and preference for cute blondes – Alfred Hitchcock is known to the general public primarily as the “Master of Suspense”. Hitchcock made his brand of fearless pleasure. A charming screen wizard, he was also a television star, adept at comic and equally scary effects. But what do you know about the real Hitchcock? In his last public appearance, “Hitch” thanked the woman who was everything to him: wife, mother of their daughter, co-writer, editor, and lifelong partner – Alma Revell. Behind the famous silhouette there were actually two Hitchcocks, Hitch and Alma. From the first day they met until the end of their lives, the two lovebirds worked together to create masterpieces that made film history. There was instant intimacy between the two; begins a sentence, ends it; He has an idea for a plot of land, which you are developing further. After all, it is she who determines the order of the footage of the shower scene in “Psychic”. The new “Hitchcock Biography” shines a light on the legendary director through this symbiotic relationship. In addition to Alma, he was only obsessed with another female character as a director: the young, beautiful, often mysterious blonde, perfectly embodied by Grace Kelly in “Call to Kill”, “Window to Court” or “Nice Rooftops”. First, Hitchcock uses the classic idea of ​​a weak woman who needs protection in many films.But while clichés require a brilliant hero to rescue her, in Hitchcock’s work she is often superior to men and ultimately turns things around.(Source: Artie, cited by FUNKE Magazines )

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“Mr. and Mrs. Hitchcock” on TV: all the information at a glance

in a: art

FSK: Approved for ages 16+

year of production: 2018

Long: 55 minutes

in high definition: Yes

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