More Mad Donkeys Coming to Netflix Today

Just two months after the theatrical release on Netflix – the wait time is rarely short.

With a crisp runtime of 96 minutes, it’s the last big hell of audacious chaos forces “Ass forever” It is celebrated in cinemas. Thanks to the Netflix streaming service, you can start on Friday, May 20. May 2022Enjoy the movie at home and get more clips, crazy stunts and more ideas about Jackass 4.5 on top of that.

Jackass Forever – Trailer 2 Deutsch

Johnny Knoxville, a 50-year-old veteran and father of three, would have never imagined that after more than 20 years of stunts, his body would survive the rigors of filming another movie in the Jackass series. However, he and his co-stars Steve-O, Wee Man, Chris Pontius and Co prove what they’ve made.

As with previous movie releases, Jackass 4.5 brings us more craziness and “more stunts and crap.” This is what Netflix promises us, who want to encourage us with the new version of the movie with a scene. This leads to the “Swingset Gauntlet”. See for yourself:

Thanks to Sky Q you get the full program from Netflix and Sky in one.

Johnny Knoxville has nothing left to prove – will he be able to walk away from stunts from now on?

Although Johnny Knoxville is just an observer of the “Swingset Gauntlet,” where the crew swings with each other off the treadmill, the “victims” wear animal costumes and end up in the sandpit with full force, veteran “Jackass” finally wants the danger a part. Jobs was left behind with this movie, as he revealed in an American interview (via NME).

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“I knew when we started shooting that this was the last time I was going to be able to do these big stunts because I have kids and I have a lot of injuries. I thought it would be good to say goodbye to this movie and those last stunts. I don’t have more to prove.”

When asked if he would really stay with these latest daring stunts, Knoxville was cautiously optimistic: “I hope I can do it, but I don’t know.” It would be advisable at least if you follow your doctor’s advice Knoxville. To shoot “Jackass Forever” alone, he had to be taken to the hospital just two days after the shooting began and later suffered a concussion.

Fans of “Jackass” and sinister pranks can see for themselves that there is no shortage of fun despite all the hits from May 20, 2022 on Netflix when “Jackass 4.5” starts airing.

Jackass Forever just hit theaters. How well do you know the most important cinema films of 2022?

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