Monkey Pox Blows This Stock Up 77% By

Monkey Pox Blows This Stock Up 77% By – After the coronavirus pandemic put the world on hold for more than two years, a new virus appears to be spreading: monkeypox.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has already recorded nearly 100 laboratory-confirmed cases as of May 21. However, according to the World Health Organization, a pandemic should not be expected, since the virus cannot be transmitted through the air, as is the case with Covid-19.

Contamination occurs only when there is close contact between two people, during which body fluids are exchanged. In addition, no deaths associated with monkeypox have been reported to date. However, the World Health Organization issued a warning:

“It is possible that other cases will emerge and that the disease will spread in countries currently reporting cases and in other Member States. Any suspected smallpox patient should be examined and, if suspected, isolated. This is until the lesions are covered with a crust, the crust falls off and a layer of Fresh skin underneath.”

Recent studies show that known smallpox vaccines should protect against infection. One of these well-known vaccines is marketed as Imvanex. The manufacturer is North Bavarian (CSE :), which has already managed to conclude a contract with a European country for the delivery of the vaccine in the context of the emergence of the new disease.

The Danish company’s shares have already posted good profits after these announcements. The value started on May 19 at 140.20 DKK and today reached its highest level at 248.70 DKK, which corresponds to a rise of 77.4%.

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