M&K Sound V + Series Subwoofer: Bass Like In The Cinema

With its V10+ and V12+ subwoofers, M&K Sound offers fundamentally revised versions of its successful subwoofers for home cinema applications. Even the most compact housing paired with an elegant design makes them attractive pieces of furniture that fit seamlessly into any style of living environment. At the same time, more powerful Class D power amplifiers expand the frequency range to an impressive 20 Hz. In addition, Danish cinema sound specialist has added the larger V15+ to the series, which also powers home cinemas of extravagant proportions with bass. The V12+ and V15+ are certified true reference amplifiers with the desired THX label and can be widely controlled via the app.

Hamburg, May 03, 2022 – With the V10+ and V12+, M&K Sound offers fundamentally revised versions of the V Series subwoofer, which have already set standards in the home cinema sector. In addition, the repositioning of the series is changing with the larger model V15+, which now also enables THX-certified bass experiences in rooms up to 84 cubic metres.

Real cinematic sound at home
Not only can M&K speakers be found in countless movie theaters around the world, they also serve as an incorruptible reference in the best movie mixing studios. The new V10+, V12+ and V15+ subwoofers realize the shockingly deep bass experience in a carefully calibrated cinema even in the home living room. While the V10+ and V12+ are further upgraded versions of the previously available V10 and V12 models, the V15+ is a new addition that, with its 15-inch long driver, enables impressive thunderstorms of up to 20Hz even in large rooms. The V12+ and V15+ are THX certified, ensuring low-frequency performance exactly in line with the intent of the studio’s mixed audio engineer. In light of these benchmark qualities, it only makes sense that M&K Sound’s V+ series subwoofers are convincing with their depth, impulse fidelity and linearity, even with high-quality music reproduction. Whether it’s home cinema or music enjoyment: V+ speakers lay the foundation for a comprehensive audio experience.

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Living space friendly design
The cinema subwoofer is usually wall-mounted and does not have to make any compromises in terms of size and design. With the V+ Series, the engineers at M&K Sound prove that – given the right experience – similar performance can also be achieved in a living space-friendly format. With rounded corners, a sleek shape that tapers toward the rear and sleek finishes in matte black or matte white, the new V+ speakers blend elegantly into any living environment. Their enclosed cases are exactly the same rim length in height, width and depth and are slightly larger than the installed motors. Not only can the compact V10+ be positioned inconspicuously, the V12+ and V15+ have comprehensive correction functions that can be controlled via the app, enabling accurate bass reproduction even with a less convenient audio setup. Strictly speaking, this isn’t necessary at all, because with the nifty metal grilles attached to the magnets, the M&K Sound’s V+ speakers sound so good there’s no reason to hide them.

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Well-engineered long-drop drivers in the best of M&K acoustic traditions and closed, low-vibration envelopes optimally tailored to the size of the engine in question make the V+ tweeters extremely precise instruments. For the best impulse reproduction and lower frequency even below the bottom line, Class D tweeter units have been further developed compared to previous units. Whereas the previously available V10 had to run at 200 watts, the V10+ now has 300 watts of continuous power and 600 watts of pulsed power, while the V12+ has been increased from 300 watts to either 400 or 800 watts. The 15-inch motor of the newly introduced V15+ can draw on 500 watts of continuous power and 1,000 watts of pulse power. All subwoofers in the V+ series now deliver accurate reproduction down to the ultra-low 20Hz.

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THX: Certified Reference Quality
Even in the cinema area, the coveted THX mark is anything but normal. The quality standards required by a cinematic sound pioneer to ensure that every detail of sound conforms to the ideas of film producers are extremely strict. Even more important is the fact that M&K Sound has been able to achieve THX certification specifications even with its built-in amplifiers for home use – but with the two large models of the V+ series, that feat has been brilliantly accomplished. According to THX Certified Selected, the V12+ qualifies for listening rooms with a volume of up to 56 cubic metres, while the V15+ with its THX Certified Ultra label guarantees first-class low-frequency experiences in home cinema going down to a volume of 84 cubic metres.

Easy app control
There’s no better way to judge a subwoofer’s fit in a room than in a listening position, and M&K Sound’s V12+ and V15+ make that dream come true. The M&K app, available for iOS and Android, connects to the speakers via Bluetooth and allows direct control of the transition, delay, phases and level directly from the listening position. In addition, the M&K app has a professional automatic calibration function and can also control multiple installed sub-woofers at the same time. Even if this automated system yields great results, experienced users may want to customize their system’s performance further to personal preference. The M&K app is also well equipped for this: a fully parametric four-volume equalizer provides complete control over even the smallest sound details.

Prices and availability
M&K Sound’s V10+, V12+ and V15+ speakers are now available from specialty retailers. Recommended retail prices including VAT are €1,650.00 for the V10+, €2,150.00 for the V12+ and €3,420.00 for the V15+.

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M&K Sound Company
M&K Sound speaker and subwoofer systems have one goal: to reproduce sound without distortion. As the inventor of the subwoofer concept, M&K Sound dealt with coordinating the complex setups made up of many subwoofers in the 1970s. Today, this expertise can be felt in both stereo systems and more comprehensive surround structures, which create a highly realistic soundscape thanks to timbre matching. It’s not without reason that professional sound creators from leading film studios rely on M&K Sound’s playback characteristics when working on blockbuster films like Star Wars (episodes 1-3), King Kong or Pirates of the Caribbean. From music to movie enjoyment, M&K Sound delivers speakers that captivate every listener with breathtaking sound precision.

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The magic of fine music reproduction, great images and well-crafted products: For more than 20 years, Audio Reference GmbH has been providing first-class advice and expert support to German professionals in the high-end audio sector. Under the motto “Sound makes music”, the company founded by Mansour Mamaghani always strives to sell the world’s best manufacturers exclusively in Germany through a select network of dealers. Audio Reference’s portfolio of well-known manufacturers includes Audio Research, Basscontinuo, Dan D’Agostino, EAT, GOERTZ, KRELL, MERIDIAN AUDIO, Millennium, Miller & Kreisel, Starke Sound, Sumiko Pickup, Velodyne Acoustics, Wilson Audio and Yter.

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