Mippen warning: 1860 coach Kolner demands full focus on league

Munich – You know him usually in a good mood, funny, constructive. Michael Kollner also draws his attention to some topics.

“Now you have to be careful not to think about that piece of the cup all the time and I don’t mean Burghausen by that,” coach Löwen said on Friday. The opponent is neither Schalke 04 nor Wacker Burghausen. His name is Mabin.

TSV 1860 will not face Burghausen in the Round of 16 in the Toto Cup on Saturday (Wednesday, 6.30pm) nor will it face the Royal Blue’s big brother in the cup, the second round of the DFB Cup (October 26, same time). It kicks off on Saturday, at 2pm, at the Grünwalder Stadium in the third division every day against SV Meppen (live on Magenta Sport and in live AZ tape).

Kollner admits: It was hard to maintain focus

“We have to pay attention to the next games, the next challenging games. Focus is very important,” warns sporting director Gunter Gorenzel after a lot of white and blue distractions recently and before the duel between black and gray mouse Meppen. Kollner, Gorenzel and Meiben’s Warning.

Coach Kollner is going in the same direction and reckons what has prevented the Tunnenblick team from TSV in the past few weeks. “You can direct yourself to these words from Günther: It was hard to maintain focus. We had a lot of themes: We had to get rid of disappointment,” Kollner begins and adds of mourning that we don’t climb: “We have to get out of our heads whether we score 75 points.” We scored 100 goals.”

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For health, it must be added: Kölner has surpassed 66 points (known to be fourth) and 76 goals (known to be the best in the league) to prove to his team and the public: no more! This is my past!

Warning from Köllner and Gorenzel: Full focus on football

The next unpleasant topics were the burden of being a favourite and the difficult start to the season. “Everyone said ‘Before my ass, what a great starting programme,'” Kollner said, deferring his warning in the form of a rhetorical question: “And now six easy games are coming?”

Soon more fans may be able to return to the Grünwalder Stadium.

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TSV 1860 Instructor: Michael Kollner.

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Far from it, one must go to work with complete concentration. What I also learned from the ground up in this context: Kollner and Gorenzel are said to have warned actors not to put all the distractions in the background alongside their primary job.

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Opponent Meppen is currently in very good shape and occupies one point and therefore two places in the table before 1860 (the ninth by ten points). “They were gone last season,” Kollner says of SVM’s descent, which can only be reviewed by withdrawing the KFC Uerdingen license.

Quirin Moll before returning to the team

Accordingly, Sechzig’s opponent broke free on Saturday, who now with captain Luka Tankulic has an exceptional talent in his ranks, which would have ended in Türkgücü Munich in the event of relegation.

For Giesinger’s staff, Quirin Moll is back on the team after recovering from a calf injury. “The last injured are coming back now,” coach Kollner said of the return of Half Belkahia and Daniel Wein (maybe in the cup against Berghausen). Then there’s Stephen Lakes and the plague on his feet. “It just needs a dirty, stupid target,” Kollner said.

Here, too, should help, this focus …


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