Microsoft vaporware: 1,000 days since Surface Neo

Microsoft vaporware: 1,000 days since Surface Neo

The Surface Duo is Microsoft’s first smartphone project since the “fall” of the Nokia Lumia series. This is where Microsoft also introduced the Surface Neo in 2019. But the group has so far failed to offer this second new dual-screen device.

It’s been 1,000 days since Microsoft unveiled the Surface Neo as a hybrid Windows tablet. who – which Online – Magazin Windows Central Now reminds us of this rather annoying anniversary: ​​1,000 days ago Microsoft introduced the “new” Surface Neo with a lot of fanfare, but it hasn’t introduced it yet.

Because all Microsoft fans who are now asking themselves “what the hell is the Surface Neo” can safely be said that they have no knowledge gaps. Microsoft only introduced this product but never mentioned it again, let alone its production.

frozen and forgotten

However, we started with high expectations and a great concept. However, the Surface Neo ended up in a drawer in Redmond, and it seems the tablet concept hasn’t been retrieved from it. Most of the products that Microsoft announced in October 2019 have been delivered with very different successes and have already received an official successor. These devices include the Surface Pro X and Surface Duo. But of all things, the Surface Neo – a device that remains unparalleled in today’s tech world – has been quietly dumped by Microsoft. The “Khalifa”, that is, a revised folding disc, is no longer offered.

Microsoft has done a lot to make people forget about the Surface Neo again. The product video was deleted (you can watch it again here), the ad page was taken offline, then no word was said about the dual-screen tablet again.

What do you think of this “anniversary”? Were you also looking forward to the Surface Neo?

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