Microsoft is incorporating the GPT-3 language model into its platform-code low-power implementations

At the Building Developers Conference, Microsoft demonstrated the first functionality of a customer product developed with the GPT-3 natural language model. In the future, GPT-3 should turn people without programming skills into developers.

GPT-3 integrates with Microsoft Power-Apps, the low-code application development platform that anyone can use to create applications. The manufacturer explicitly addresses people with little or no programming experience and calls them “Citizen Developers”. Likewise, professional developers with in-depth programming skills should benefit from the GPT-3 language model integration from OpenAI.

The first examples prove their suitability

There are already early examples of applications built with power applications, such as applications, in Review your donations For non-profit organizations that Travel management during the Coronavirus pandemic or Reduce overtime, Which are essential for wind turbine maintenance, and auxiliary.

GPT-3 integration works in such a way that, for example, an employee creating an e-commerce app describes a programming goal in conversation language. It could be something like this: “Find products whose name starts with“ kids. ”Now GPT-3 takes this command and converts it to Power-Fx format from the open source programming language for Power platform.

GPT-3 from OpenAI, an AI research and use company co-founded by Elon Musk at the time, operates in the Azure cloud and is powered by machine learning from Azure. Power-Fx is based on Microsoft Excel and thus is much easier to use than the traditional programming language. However, complex data inquiries in particular can benefit from GPT-3 integration.

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“ Using an advanced AI model like this can help make our low-blade tools available to a wider audience and truly become what we do. No code call, ”says Charles Lamana, Microsoft’s low-code application platform responsible manager.

In September 2020, Microsoft secured exclusive access to the OpenAI language model through a broad partnership. This included access to the source code for the form. GPT-3 is also allowed for other manufacturers, but only without access to its source code. Additionally, there is a certain preselection of third-party providers because GPT-3 is only available in the Azure Cloud.

Microsoft announced that it will use its expanded license to incorporate GPT-3 into parts of its product portfolio. In the fall of 2020, the manufacturer did not want to specify which products this would affect. We know now: Power-Apps gets the chat policy first.

The easiest, in fact, is undeniable

Lamana sure, “This will allow people to query and explore data in ways that did not exist before. That will be a magical moment.” In fact, Lamana has a fitting example.

Natural Form Language Input: GPT-3 in Energy Applications. (Animation: Microsoft)

With Power-Fx, users didn’t need to master a traditional programming language either. However, they had to adhere to strict logic when formulating the formulas. It could look something like this:

FirstN (sorting (search (BC orders, “cart”, “aib_productname”), date of purchase, descending), 10).

With the new functionality controlled by GPT-3, instead of the above formula, the user himself will type:

Show 10 orders that have baby strollers in the product name and sort by date of purchase, with the most recent at the top.

Needless to say, this is easier. Just as you can type a question into a search engine and then select the result you want to click, GPT-3 provides several Power-Fx formulas suggestions. Then the person who created the app chooses the most appropriate one.

Microsoft praises the democratization of software development

Power Apps doesn’t hide the actual formula, but only provides it faster for selection. This way, the person who handled some projects with Power-Apps and GPT-3 would end up being fully qualified with Power-Fx as well. The learning curve decreases dramatically and the acquisition of knowledge accelerates. Microsoft calls it “democratizing software development”.

Lamana vehemently denies that technology can make developers unnecessary: ​​”It’s not about replacing developers at all, it’s about finding the next 100 million developers in the world.”

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