Before this party, even Nora (32) was really nervous. On Gentleman’s Swap Evening (47), the rapper decided to sing “Intoxication” because she grew up with the single and because she really wanted to sing something in the Patua language – a Creole language popular in Jamaica. She actually had the desire to shine with this song on Sing my song stage. But that changed when a respectful person He revealed what the work means for him and for whom he wrote it …

“I wrote the song for my wife Tamika because she gives me all my strength, and this is a song of my love, a greeting to Tameka, because she drunk me so much.He told the reggae artist to his colleagues. According to this statement it has Nura But a lot of respect and you don’t really want to perform the song anymore, now that you know how much Gentlemen The heart depends on it. “What word with A do I always use? Ass-water,” the new word used by the 32-year-old to express nervousness.

To give her the courage again to perform, never a respectful person Then a speaking chorus heats up DJ BoBo (53) and Joris (31) & Co. to shout “donkey water” and Nura Cheer up very much. That works, too, and she’s rocking her hateful version of “drunk”. Osnabrück’s home is completely submerged in her hood and then thanks her with a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

Rapper Nora
A gentleman and his wife Tamika in Hanover, May 2007
The song “Sing My Song” – Cast 2021


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