Microorganisms unlock new insights – the practice of healing

Microorganisms unlock new insights – the practice of healing

Interactions between bacteria and cancer cells

MicroorganismsThat inhabit the human body can our body health greatly affect. The best example of that gut bacteriatheir impact on our business Metabolism increasingly widely documented. According to a recent study, it appears that microbes also play an important role in a particular pathway crabs to play

searching Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey Identified some microorganisms that reproduce in people with pancreatic tumors ignition And the Worse survival rates connected. The results were recently published in the journal.cancer cellsChest.

What role do bacteria play in cancer?

Not only in the intestines, but also in other organs such as the lungs and pancreas It settles various microorganisms, which can affect the function of organs.

As part of the current study, the Rutgers Cancer Institute working group examined microbes as well Cancer pathway Effect. To do this, the team analyzed whether bacteria are present in pancreatic tumors and whether they influence their development crepes or under treatment.

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer

Pancreas cancer Relatively rare, but especially aggressive. The chances of survival for those affected are among the lowest of the types of cancers. Because there are no symptoms in the early stages of the disease pancreatic tumors It is often only discovered after it has already begun to dissipate.

Bacteria are involved in the development of pancreatic cancer

Researchers have succeeded in identifying specific microbes associated with bad prognosis associated with pancreatic tumors.

Represents new and promising microorganisms attacks It can affect the course of the disease. In addition, bacteria can Early detection of pancreatic cancer Uses.

RNA sequencing assessment

The team developed a new genomic approach RNA sequencing been evaluated. In this way it was possible to distinguish the sequences Human which bacterial origin be.

“This new technology enabled us to identify tumor-associated microbes while simultaneously measuring host cell activity.”explained Professor Dr. Sbhajioti Diwith who Dr. Martin Placer The lead author of the study is

Symbiosis between cancer cells and some bacteria

Using the new approach, the working group was able to determine the association of certain bacteria with specific types of cells within a tumor that are not normally found in pancreatic tissue. Most bacteria are found in cancer cells.

The number of bacteria of this type present is related to cancer cell activity. According to the research team, the fingerprints of the microbes found allow conclusions to be drawn about the expected course of pancreatic cancer.

New approaches to diagnosing and treating cancer

In addition, the researchers found that immune cells It mainly interacts with bacteria only, but not with bacteria-related cancer cells.

Our observations shed new light on why pancreatic cancer is so difficult to treat.compressed Dr. Placer. According to him, a better understanding of Interactions between bacteria and cancer cells Presentation of new therapeutic approaches against cancer. (FP)

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