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Mercedes has always been content with less than usual this season.

That’s why team boss Toto Wolff is satisfied with fourth and sixth place for George Russell and Lewis Hamilton in qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix. You are much more competitive than in the past.

“Our goal is to be up front. I was a second away, and now we’re closer,” says Wolff of Sky in relation to Ferrari and Red Bull. “But we have to work stone by stone, closer and try to be on top again in a few races.”

More important than pure results, however, the silver arrows are getting better and better at “rebounding.” “We understand that now, we also understand where we should keep the car in terms of ride height so it doesn’t bounce,” Wolff said.

“But we haven’t unleashed the performance potential yet,” says the team boss, adding regarding the race: “I think we’re with Ferraris in terms of long-term performance.”

One is “maybe even a touch faster” than the Scuderia. “I think if we were really there with Ferrari, the next level would have been reached,” said Wolff.

Russell plays on base

George Russell is more upbeat than his team boss about race speed. On Sunday, the Briton says you will have “a real chance against Ferrari”. Russell sees Max Verstappen at the top, but ‘anything is possible’ behind him, he believes there is a chance on the podium

What makes the newcomer Mercedes so optimistic? It wasn’t a perfect day, but we still got our best result as a team,” Russell said after qualifying. This is despite the fact that the frames are not placed in the right window.

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But there is a good foundation to work with.

Hamilton sees a glimmer of hope

Something similar can be heard from Lewis Hamilton. “The car is much better,” says the seven-time world champion. Especially when it comes to jumping, it’s a “big, big difference” from the previous races.

“We were ahead in the second quarter,” explains Hamilton. “This is a ray of hope for the team.” In the team, everyone is now “more positive”.

He himself is not completely satisfied with his qualification. In sixth, he had to line up behind teammate Russell (P4).

“I still had problems with the car,” Hamilton admits. But as a team we took a step forward this weekend.

Will this also work in the race? Spanish Grand Prix on Sunday, from 3pm, live stream >>>

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