Home Top News Matthew Perry: He annoys fans with “friends” clothes

Matthew Perry: He annoys fans with “friends” clothes

Matthew Perry: He annoys fans with “friends” clothes

Matthew Perry
He annoys fans with “friends” costumes

Matthew Perry did it with him "Friends"-Did you share a personal goal?

Did Matthew Perry score his own goal with his “friends” clothes?

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Not everyone is going to be right that Matthew Perry sells his own “friends” stuff. It is “tasteless” and greedy.

Matthew Perry (51)’s well-published “Friends” sale is not going right for everyone. Lots of exciting comments In his Twitter timeline The number of people criticizing this issue is increasing. After all, the design of a T-shirt seems to have offended many, with Perry asking in the usual Chandler manner: “Can I still be vaccinated?” (“Can I still be vaccinated?”)

“Making money with a vaccine-related t-shirt is tasteless. Can I be more annoyed than this?”, One user argues. Many blatant anti-vaccine activists even insult him as a “propaganda machine”. Still others have to come to a conclusion as to why “many millionaires have to be paid more”: “Again capitalism is at work, nothing new.”

As part of the reunion of the big “friends”, the Chandler actor brought in a limited amount of commercial material, which will be shown on May 27 via HBO Max and Sky in this country. There are slogans on the clothes, mainly referring to Chandler’s catchphrase “I / could it be more …?” (“I / can it still be …?”) Refers to the English original of the series.


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