The number of people suffering from Covid-19 in hospitals is increasing in Sarthe.
The number of people suffering from Covid-19 in hospitals is increasing in Sarthe. (© ML / 76 news)

Epidemic COVID-19 earn land in Sarth. This is amazing Friday 19 November 2021, declares the ruler of Sarth a Enhanced controls both in terms of wearing a mask or Health pass in the relevant institutions.

“Our region is particularly affected.” The arrival of the fifth wave to Sarth. “The virus has been circulating in the population since the end of September at the beginning of October. While in previous waves, people over 65 were most affected, they are now the most affected,” said Stephane Domingu, regional director of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) in Pays de la Loire. the youngest”.

And displays the epidemic numbers on Friday in the circle.

The infection rate is increasing. It is 194.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for the general population and for people aged 65 years and over 163.4 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. The positivity rate in the general population is 6 and 7 for people over 65 years of age.

Today, the age groups most affected are the youngest.

56 chapters are now closed in Sarthe due to Covid. About ten groups were identified.

80% of patients in intensive care have not been vaccinated.

The pressure on the hospital is getting stronger. “76 people have been admitted to medical care and follow-up services due to Covid.”

Of the 17 resuscitation places at Le Mans Hospital, 13 are occupied, including 11 for patients with Covid.

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80% of patients in intensive care have not been vaccinated. “Those with very strong comorbidities,” outlines the ARS Regional Director.

If the pressure continues, the institution will be forced to open a new family and thus disarm other services.

Stephen Sunday

He insisted on the importance of the third dose. “During the seventh month after the second dose, the body notices a decrease in its immunity, hence the importance of the third dose in the sixth month.”

People over 65 will receive a conditional health clearance for this third dose starting December 15.

This was not the case for children aged 50 to 64, but they will be able to be vaccinated for a third time from December 1.

No new centers opened

No new vaccination center will open in the coming days. “We have voluntarily retained nine services in anticipation of the paybacks,” explains Patrick Dallen, Governor of Sarthe. “And city doctors, pharmacists and nurses,” he added.

However, the governor does not rule out reopening the center “if necessary” but “for the time being, we prefer to expand the opening times of the current centers. It will depend on the extent of the third dose.”

In Sarthe, 76% of the population has been vaccinated. “If we remove under 12s, we go well beyond that number,” the governor identifies.

He insists that “vaccinating is not an individual responsibility but a collective responsibility.”

Towards the return of the mask to the street?

The state representative is not announcing new mask-related measures on Friday, but he does not rule out the return of the mask on the public road if the numbers continue to deteriorate.

It is not decided yet, I am working with ARS depending on the health situation and according to national procedures.

Patrick Dalynisruler of Sarth

Enhancement of checks on health permits

If there is no promotion of mask wearing, the governor announces reinforcement of sewer lane controls.

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I asked the police to increase their control.” An average of 25 surgeries are performed per week in Sarthe. “We will speed up,” he warns.

The governor is calling on everyone to take “the right barrier signals” to slow the acceleration of the virus in Sarthe.

626 people have died in Sarth from Covid. We must continue to fight with the weapons we have.

Patrick Dalynis


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