Martinique Governor Stanislas Cazel announced this Wednesday The new confinement for at least three weeks on the island from 7 pm on Friday. “We are concerned, the health situation is getting worse and Covid-19 numbers are exploding,” The governor and the regional health agency explained. Since the beginning of the week, 1,100 new cases of Covid-19 have been identified in Martinique. The authorities will review the situation in mid-August.

Advanced curfew at 7 pm.

“This increase has implications for the number of admissions to emergency, hospitalization and intensive care: CHUM (Martinique University Hospital) has reached saturation level”, for its part pleaded to the province of Martinique.

Travel will be allowed within 10 km around the house And Any movement exceeding 10 km will be subject to certification.. The curfew, which was already in effect from 9 pm, will start from Friday at 7 pm.with more stringent traffic conditions.. Force majeure travel is still permitted.

Stores are still open

All professional activities will continue and “Taking into account the correct application of mask-wearing, companies will be able to remain open without distinguishing between essential and non-essential businessesThe governor said. Most cultural activities will also be able to continue as long as the mask is worn.” Activities without a mask, such as restaurants, gyms, or indoor sports venues, will not be able to continue their activities. Finally, partial unemployment and the Solidarity Fund will be preserved.

The governor remembers that “The first isolations made it possible to significantly reduce contamination rates: 45% on average (…) curbing the virus seems more urgent, because the population of Martinique is less immune, and in general older, and therefore more fragile, than those in In areas where Covid-19 is more prevalent and where the vaccination rate is higher.”

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