Covid-19: Health card now required in French ski resorts

Without passing it does not pass. Dominis Skipples de France (DSF) announced that the obligation to obtain a health permit in French ski resorts came into effect on Saturday and controls have been put in place, according to the protocol laid down in the event of a deterioration of the health situation. “It’s from today (Saturday) It is applicable,” noted AFP Alexandre Moulin, president of DSF, the organization representing operators of 250 ski resorts in France.

The protocol for access to ski lifts in ski resorts provides for a mandatory pass if the national infection rate exceeds 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. That limit was reached at the end of last week and we are “at 350 today,” the president said. He explained, “We worked with the Interministerial Crisis Council on what to implement, and had a long period of discussions in order to intelligently and correctly verify the validity of the health permits of our clients.”

“There will be checks at the foot of the main ski lifts when leaving the station at random and not permanently, so people know that they will be checked and we will have a very strong connection when purchasing a ski pass. .to indicate that the pass is mandatory,” confirms Mr. Mullen, also referring to “A large part of the pedagogy “is intended for skaters.

Objectively, things are going well.

“It’s a matter of detecting people who lack a health clearance and asking them to come and presenting it, if someone forgets to take it back or if someone doesn’t have it, go. Get tested for Covid-19,” she continued, noting that today “more than 88% are vaccinated.” of the French.” “Each station will be organized a little differently, but it will be possible for company or corporate employees to come in as reinforcements,” he points out.

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In Serre-Chevalier (Hautes-Alpes), where the ski season opened on Saturday morning, health permit checks are carried out “at the time of purchase (ski tickets) and at the time of climbing on the gondola that provides access to the tourist office,” David Chabanal, director of the Tourist Office, told AFP. “Customers are notified in advance and won’t be surprised, they planned it and got it on their smartphone. Objectively speaking, things are going well,” he says. “The opening weekend allows us to settle in well, it is very volatile,” Mr. Chabanal added.


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