Martin Rotter amazed!

Martin Rutter: An astounded canine professional – “How do you talk to yourself about that”

Three mistakes in dog training you should not make

Three mistakes in dog training you should not make

Want a good dog? So you shouldn’t make these parenting mistakes.

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Martin Reuter He is a dog expert through and through. He has proven that in shows like “Der Hundeprofi” or “Martin Reuter – The puppies are coming.

Tried on TV Martin Reuter over and over again to give other dog owners a better feel for their four-legged friends and help them train their furry friends better. This can be a real challenge – especially when it comes to puppies.

Martin Rotter: This scene leaves him stunned

On Sunday evening, a new episode of “Martin Rütter – The Puppies Are Coming” will be flashing on RTL from 5:30pm. In the show – logically – it’s all about the sweet offspring and their proper upbringing. The Duisburg native has now given a first glimpse of the upcoming episode on his Instagram channel. The trailer shows a dog owner walking his puppy on the beach.


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So far nothing unusual. But suddenly the offspring separates – and sets off for another group with a dog and a person. The owner explains it this way: his four-legged friend will simply love others and dogs!

Martin Rotter: Dog owners don’t have small dogs under control

But Martin Rotter could not help but shake his head at this interpretation. “It’s amazing how you can convince yourself not to train a dog,” he says.


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There seems to be a lot of work for Martin Rotter…

Recently surprised the dog professional. More on this here. (review)


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