Former President Herbert Puliger to Ban the Sale of Alcoholic Beverages

Former Migros boss, Herbert Puliger, wants to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages: ‘Public health matters’

In fact, Herbert Poliger, CEO of Migros from 2005 to 2017, swore that he would no longer intervene after his resignation. But now that his successors want the ban on alcohol sales to be lifted, he’s campaigning – and he wants to get the 2.3 million members of the Migros cooperative to vote “no.” why?

Starts a campaign against the sale of alcoholic beverages: former Migros president Herbert Poliger.

Photo: Sandra Ardison/CH Media

Perhaps the largest referendum outside of official politics: The 2.27 million members of the Migros Co-operative can express their views on alcohol bans. The voting question is: “Would you like to lift the ban on the sale of alcohol in Migros branches and agree to amend regional regulations?” The confrontation is on June 4th. Then the decision is made – individually in the ten Migros cooperatives. In theory, Migros Zurich could lift the ban while Migros Arie maintains it. This means that beer cannot be bought in the cantons of Aargau and Bern, but can be bought in Zurich.

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