Home Top News Martin Demichelis wants to save Bayern II from relegation

Martin Demichelis wants to save Bayern II from relegation

Martin Demichelis wants to save Bayern II from relegation

Things went well last season for Bayern Munich’s second team.

The team finished the season as champions and did not advance because, according to the regulations of the German Football League, it is forbidden to represent two teams from one club in the top two divisions in Germany.

Highlights of the third degree Monday from 11:30 PM at 3rd League Pur on TV on SPORT1

There is not much left of the season. With eight days to go, Munich faces the risk of relegation. With 17th place and just three points behind the touchdown spot, the wins are desperately needed. Not an easy task after the last four bankruptcies in a row.

Recently, Holger Seitz, who returned to his position as Sports Director at Bayern campus, was replaced by former Under-19 coach Martin Demichelis and under-17 coach Danny Schwartz, so they can get to know the team more intensely and more can be included in the team planning. For next season. “

As for the remaining matches, they both have a careful plan to help their team – and to prevent relegation.

Demichelis defines the way

“Every player knows how to assess the current situation. We see the last eight matches as a kind of mini season. We shouldn’t look at the table, we should see every day as the most important. Every player should be 100 percent in his position every day a step on gas,” Demichelis explains fcbayern.com March road. (Third Division Table)

His colleague Schwartz could not help but agree with him: “The important thing is to find the balance between the looseness and the seriousness of the situation. Perhaps in the end some people also think: we have the quality and somehow we can do it. It’s important to sharpen the senses. We are there to give new impulses in a different way. Changing a coach always goes hand in hand with other employee decisions. The boys have to bring their competence back onto the field. “

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In their daily work, they both had to adapt a little. Schwartz explains: “We are all a team at the FC Bayern campus, which is an advantage for us. Operations are only slightly different, even with Corona’s stricter guidelines.”

Danny Schwartz (center) takes charge of Bayern's second team alongside Demikelis
Danny Schwartz (center) takes charge of Bayern’s second team alongside Demikelis © Photo

FC Bayern II called against Ingolstadt’s

So far, both have mainly used the time to get an overview.

“We already know a lot of amateur players. Now we need time so we can all get used to each other. We want to work on our strengths and weaknesses and really look forward to the new mission. When new coaches come, there is always new energy and tension in the team, that’s Absolutely normal. The whole group should stick together now, we need everyone, “Demikilis sure.

The first stress test will take place on Saturday. The second team of record champions must compete in Ingolstadt from 2 pm.


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