Martia vs. Frederick: He won “Beat the Star”

Who is the winner here? On Saturday evening, Schlock Ten Star once again provided pure entertainment: actor Frederick Love (32) competed with rapper Martia (39) in a new fight. Both celebrities had to prove their prowess in challenges such as playing tennis, driving a car or blowing eggs. But in the end who of those two was able to win that show?

After a thrilling face-to-face race, a winner was determined at the end of the evening: Frederick! After both had scored points for their accounts, the TV star was able to shine in the decisive final game – holding the ball up – and defending crucial points. Shortly after the buzzer sounded, a suitcase filled with money was presented to the winner. The winning 100,000 euros will be donated to a good cause.

Frederick Must have competed in the popular TV format a few weeks ago – against football professional Max Cruz (34). However, due to health reasons, the “4 Blocks” actor was unable to participate in the competition. Instead, referee Steven Godgen (49) jumped for him at short notice. In his appearance he can Frederick Even now with the support of his wife Annika Love (43) Number of spectators.

Frederick Law in Munich in February 2018
Maria, rapper

© William Minke / Sony Music Germany

Maria, rapper
Annika and Frederick Law in November 2015 in Berlin


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