Malatya Province: The ground is shaking again in Turkey

Status: 02/27/2023 5:09 PM

1 person was killed and 100 injured – Another serious aftershock occurred in Turkey. President Erdoğan asked forgiveness for the delay in earthquake relief.

Three weeks after severe earthquakes occurred in Turkey and Syria, the earth shook again in the Turkish province of Malatya, in eastern Anatolia. The Anadolu news agency reported that at least one person was killed and 100 injured.

The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.5, according to the Kandilli earthquake. So the epicenter was in Yesliurt municipality.

Her daughter and son are under the rubble

More than twenty homes collapsed. Yesliurt Mayor Mehmet Cinar told Haberturk TV that a four-storey house was among them, with a father and daughter trapped under the rubble. They wanted to get some belongings from the already damaged building.

Elsewhere in Malatya, another house fell on top of several cars. Rescue teams searched the ruins, Haberturk reported.

Malatya earthquake three weeks ago

Malatya province was also badly hit by violent earthquakes on February 6. According to the mayor of the provincial capital of the same name, about 2,300 people died there alone.

According to official information, more than 44,000 people died in the double earthquake and later in Turkey alone, and at least 5,900 people in Syria.

Erdogan asks for forgiveness

Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan asked for forgiveness for the delay in earthquake relief. “Like any human person, we can also have flaws, shortcomings and flaws,” he said during a visit to Adiyaman in southeastern Anatolia.

Due to weather conditions and great destruction, it was not possible to work “with the required effectiveness”. In many places, there have been complaints of rescue teams arriving in the crisis area too late, in too few numbers and with too little equipment. According to those affected, the tents are still missing in Hatay province, in southern Turkey, three weeks after the first tremors.

Erdogan is in the middle of the election campaign. Even before the natural disaster, he announced that he would bring forward the parliamentary and presidential elections from June to May 14.

Another earthquake in Turkey causes houses to collapse

Christian Butkeret, ARD Istanbul, Feb 27, 2023 at 1:48 pm


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