Major alarm: 600 hay bales set on fire |  Regional

Wachtersbach – He set fire to five different places: one arsonist in the Main-Kinsig district burned 600 bales of hay. Firefighters worked through the night.

On Monday (July 11, 2022) at 10:50 p.m., a fire broke out near a train station between Aufenau and Neudorf.

At the site, emergency services found several nests of fire. It is clear that the fire was deliberately set.

The flames ate inexorably through Balen’s mighty mountains – and firefighters fanned them too: the source of the fire was next to the Hanau-Fulta railway line. To avoid closing them down, firefighters fanned the flames with fans designed to blow smoke out of the buildings. The straw burned quickly and in a controlled manner, and train traffic was not affected.

A farmer separates bales of burning hay with a loader

A farmer separates bales of burning hay with a loader


A second fire alarm went off ten minutes after the first: an Opel had caught fire on Roedgartenstrasse, and the heat had damaged a second car and the warehouse. Doubt: The arsonist struck here too.

Also, police helicopters were also flown over the fire areas to spot fires and search for the culprit. However, he could not provide the search result.

Police spokesman Thomas Leibold: “Police are treating both cases as arson and are now investigating a possible connection between the two fire scenes.” Investigators are looking for witnesses. Contact 06181-10 01 23 for information.

830 HP against flames Bundeswehr tank destroys Brand-Heide

Great fire at Gohrischheide: Bundeswehr tank destroys Brand-Heide

Source: BILD, Bundeswehr/Wendler



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