Madonna's daughter, Lourdes Lyon, dazzles with a photoshoot of natural lingerie

Lourdes Leon is part of a very special ad campaign: instead of great design and elaborate poses, Madonna’s daughter focused on nature for the photoshoot.

American pop icon Madonna has recently been using filters and photoshop for her Instagram and TikTok posts, sometimes not very subtly. Her daughter Lourdes Leon is taking a completely different path in a recent Calvin Klein ad campaign.

She poses for the camera in a casual pose with shaved armpits. In addition to her underwear and loose jeans, comes her own navel piercing. With this natural, no-photoshop look, she inspires fellow celebrities and fans alike.

Lourdes Leon himself also posted a photo from the shoot. The 25-year-old shows it only in her underwear and without jeans. Madonna’s daughter has now taken the post offline again.

Anyway, Instagram users are excited. Lindsay Lohan is among nearly 100,000 people taking to social media to celebrate Lorde for her work promoting a more realistic body image. In the comments section there are phrases such as “Thank you for showing your real body”.

Two other international stars are also participating

Calvin Klein also offers some strong words: “We view this platform as an inclusive and respectful environment for individuality and self-expression. At Calvin Klein, we tolerate everything but zero tolerance.” Unforgiving comments will be removed; The company said that accounts that post hate messages can be banned.

Lorde is not the only part of Calvin Klein’s mansion campaign. Also among them are Hollywood stars Willem Dafoe and Joan Collins. The former wears a denim jacket for a photo shoot, while the Denver clan’s fame is shown in a short clip. However, the 88-year-old appears in a completely different way from her fellow Lourdes: she is seated in front of a stationary table, adorned with lavish jewelry and bright red lipstick.

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