(Motorsport-Total.com) – Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes captain Toto Wolf will be away from the FIA ​​Gala, which will host the trophies for Formula 1 season 2021 tonight. Anger about the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix events is very deep.

Louis Hamilton, Toto Wolf

Louis Hamilton and Toto Wolf miss this year’s FIA gala

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Mercedes has decided not to take any further action against the FIA’s handling of the late safety car stage in the final of the season. And withdrew the appointment he had announced. However, the German automaker is still dissatisfied with the way it has handled the final stages of the race.

For this reason, Mercedes had already decided not to offer its Formula 1 and Formula E cars, so they won the Constructors’ Championship, for pre-gala photos in Paris. It has now been confirmed that neither Hamilton nor Wolf will attend the awards ceremony.

Wolf is not in the “loyal to Louis” gala

Wolf announced in his first media appearance after the controversial final on Thursday that his technical director, James Allison, will represent the team when they receive the trophy for the Design Engineer title.

Mercedes meeting: Press conference with Toto Wolf

All in black, Toto Wolf answered questions from reporters, very disappointed to see what happened behind the safety car in the final. More Formula 1 videos

“We’ve both not been there,” Wolfe said when asked if he or Hamilton would go to Paris for the end of the season. “I’m not going to be there because of my loyalty to Louis and my own honesty.”

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“But we will be represented by James Alison as a team. He’s accepting the trophy on behalf of Brockley and everyone in Brixworth.

Is Hamilton facing punishment for not participating?

Wolf acknowledged the joy of Mercedes’s eighth Constructors’ title, as well as anger at how the FIA’s final decision gave Hamilton the title of driver, and that it was difficult for him to compromise.

“In a certain way, I try to reconcile the anger over the outcome of the Formula 1 driving championship with the pride and joy of achieving something unprecedented because it should be celebrated,” Wolf said.

Hamilton’s absence from the FIA ​​awards ceremony is a violation of Formula 1 rules of the game, with the first three winners having to compete in the World Championships. This is clearly outlined in Section 6.6 of the Terms.

“Drivers who finish first, second and third in the championship must attend the annual FIA Awards Ceremony,” it says. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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