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Amazon brazen theft - Expert offers 3 tips on how Amazon retailers can protect themselves from scammers

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The returns that were manipulated by a fraudster caused massive damage amounting to 330,000 euros. Instead of the smartphones he ordered, he filled the packages with dirt and bypassed the scam. Keep the smartphones – and get the money back, too. The error was with Amazon’s standard return procedure.

“The idea of ​​detecting these scammers is often very difficult given the large number of returns. In order to protect themselves from such a significant loss, there are still some tips that Amazon retailers can follow so that they do not fall into this trap.” Niklas Spielmayer, an expert on FBA business, explains. In the following guest article, he reveals how Amazon retailers can be protected from fraud.

Scammers love expensive branded products

If you want to position yourself as a retailer on the Amazon platform, you must of course decide which products you want to trade with. Here it is important to know that scammers are especially aware of expensive products from well-known brands. Expensive electronics or well-known fashion label products are more interesting to scammers than classic private label sellers’ offerings. Private label means your own brand. Creating your own brand name that does not immediately catch the eye of countless scammers is definitely worth considering.

Use your returns management

As an industrial giant, Amazon naturally tries to offer retailers as much security as possible. So the internal tracking process must verify if the returns are actually the product ordered. However, in a return block, a number of things can go wrong. It is better for retailers to set up their own revenue management. It’s more work, but it’s also safer. Retailers who use their returns management system will receive returns from Amazon and can check the contents of packages themselves.

With you achieving more safety

Merchants gain more security and transparency if they take their investigation into their own hands. In this case, Amazon only acts as a platform on which products are placed; The retailer is simply interested in contacting the customer, shipping, and returning themselves. In addition to their customer database, retailers also have more control over who products are sent to – and how returns will be processed.

About Niklas Spielmayr:

Nicklas Spelmeyer has been a successful seller on the Amazon platform for three years and now advises more than 700 customers on how to improve their Amazon presence. His focus is on the psychology of marketing and sales. Spelmeyer is also the author of a critically acclaimed book on Amazon stores, and has recently been active on YouTube. He resides in Berlin with his team of about 12 people. More information at: ecommerce.de

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