Lothar Matthews laughs as a TV expert.

Lothar Matthaus, here on November 14, 2021 at the international match in Armenia, made his fans laugh online.

Lothar Matthaus, who was once the best soccer player of his generation and is now an expert on Sky Pay TV, made his fans laugh on the internet. A promotional video for the world champion in the 90s went viral.

Oops, he did it again! Lothar Matthews (60) and the English, perhaps they are no longer friends in this life.

Although his analyzes of the top Bundesliga matches are meticulous week in and week out, his English is clumsy: “Hey, this is Lothar Matthaus and im darling of Bart of Noften,” today’s Sky expert reads from a piece of paper in broken English. But what is Novten? Matthew goes on to say: “Noften is a paper form to ackweier äxklusif NVTs.”

Matthew stumbles in English

What is this supposed to be? In fact, Mateus may have meant “non-fouling symbols,” a technique used to mark digital artwork as individual pieces. The site aims to give artists the opportunity to submit. But all this is very complicated, especially in this foreign language.

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In any case, Matthew’s message, faltering at every third word, was hardly intelligible to the user. In the end when he heard the word “Celebreties”, he finally broke his tongue, thus involuntarily causing a lot of amusement.

The clip instantly went viral and caused a lot of ridicule. Comedian Mickey Benzenherz (44) has watched the video alone over 100,000 times and commented on it with a wink from several celebrities. “The new Netflix special,” Beisenhewers himself wrote with a laugh.

Satirical Comments by Ruth Mochner and Thomas Helmer

Matthews’ former teammate Thomas Helmer, 56, only sarcastically asked, “What?” “Shit, my school’s English isn’t enough to understand Sister,” TV star Ruth Mouchner (45) wrote. Others just put teary smileys under this video.

Lothar Matthaus had earlier entertained people with his “interpretation” of the English language. “I hope we get a little lucky,” the world champion since 1990 said at his presentation to the New York Metro Stars in 1999 — and even then he was laughing at his side.

So far the next attempt is Lothar Matthews, who posted the clip on his Instagram channel. It remains to be seen if the platform will take off now. However, the former professional has attracted a lot of attention in his entertaining fan base… (Oh)

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