Super Jam at Gmünd: Truck lost two tires in Einhorn subway

Photos: hs

The Einhorn Tunnel (B29 – Schwäbisch Gmünd Local Traffic) reopens at 1.30pm. Nonetheless, a traffic chaos played out at Swabish Gym and Remstal and did not last long.

Friday, September 24, 2021
Hino Shotte
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According to initial information from police, an unusual incident occurred in the subway about three hours ago: a truck lost two tires on its drive axle. Therefore, the tunnel should be completely closed during peak hours. There was traffic congestion in the city center and in all directions. Sometimes the traffic was completely quiet. Those on the buses also suffered. Schedules deviated from the rails. Currently (around 2pm) traffic is back to normal, but very slowly.

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