Live 1: 1 – Hood continues to spoil

Live 1: 1 – Hood continues to spoil

Halle (Sale) / MZ – Halless FC will last lace up shoes in the 2021/22 Third Division season. SV Wehen Wiesbaden will later be a guest at Leuna-Chemie Stadium. Kick-off at 1:30 p.m. We report here in detail on the game’s live ticker. Note: Ticker will not be updated automatically. Update the page regularly.

Live Ticker: HFC – Wiesbaden 1: 1 (1: 1)

61. Minute – Guests continue to share exactly what they need. Now it is attacking Zimmerschied, who complained loudly about rival Taffertshofer. Yet he apologizes.

60. Minute – Change time begins. SVWW begins, bringing Hollerbach to Captain Words.

55. Minute – Again Hudd admitted a violent mistake, this time by Carstens. He sees it Yellow card And want to hear some complaints from Zimmerschied about the severity. Hood stands back, but he still needs to talk.

53. Minute – M முller has a sharp lateral and defensively attacks after Nilsson. It is an open game without much stressful goal shots.

51. Minute – As Carstens passed the ball, Hout suddenly had a chance. But the striker is very surprised by his opponent’s mistake and can not use it.

46 minutes – The last 45 minutes of the 2021/22 season will start without a change of staff.

Half time – During the break, the announcement was made at the stadium: Event Manager Udo Becker had left HFC and was starting a job in Babenburg. Congratulations today …

Half-time break at Halle. It was okay overall 1-1 in an open game and both were able to cope without much pressure.

44. Minute – Wallard carefully destroys against Words in the remote post. Wisden has one more corner kick. Mல்லller can mitigate that.

42. Minute – Hood runs offside. Halle was no better in the first 20 minutes, but now the game is very balanced.

37. Minute – Holly has a chance first, then the team runs into the counterattack. But one-fourth of WisePaden play poorly for the majority.

34th minute – Suddenly it became 1: 1! Jacobson equalized to Wisden. To cross over a cross Samson and Redteman given by Words at Four Post, Jacobson ran and put the ball in the left corner.

33. Minute – Once again Stanik Hood stops with a sigh, and again the emotions briefly boil over – but this time there are Yellow card To the Vice-Chancellor.

31. Minute – Sternberg goes deep into the bag of his tricks and goes from right to left – but only keeper Liska. A murmur goes through the HFC fan curve …

29. Minute – Wiseden settled in front of the HFC goal and got his first good chance. But Nilsson Farouk’s cross goes from seven yards to more.

23. Minute – Hood was fouled first by Mokenhaft and then by Stanick. The HFC striker does not like it – he complains violently to opponents and referees. At least he’s still fully involved here, now …

20. Minute – Little happens on the pitch, at least nothing happens in the two penalty areas. Hall’s presence is still correct, and Wiseden does not express himself here.

16. Minute – Samson sees them for his first mistake Yellow card. Referee Swengers’ somewhat difficult decision.

11. Minute – Gooooooooooooooo to HFC! Zimmersheet highlighted Haley 1-0 for a good start. Cruiser brings the ball to midfield, where Zimmersheet stands surprisingly free, and with a little luck scores from eight meters.

9. Minute – Reddemann gets the first end of the game after a stable situation. But he is not a defender and striker and puts the ball over the goal.

7. Minute – Ditch Rivero tries to feel it, but gets stuck in the wall.

6. Minute – With a great solo, Sherpakovsky gets a free kick 20 meters in front of the box …

4. Minute – He didn’t stand on the lawn with promotion heroes, but he sat on the stand: promotion coach Sven Kohler.

3. Minute – About 20 fans actually came from Wisden and gathered in the guest block.

Whistle – rolling the ball. Haley plays with white shorts on a red home jersey, while guests play with black shorts in light gray.

Before the game – Nine HFC players leaving the club said goodbye on the pitch: Sebastian Bossel, Janek Sternberg, Nicholas Gostenhofer, Marcel Ditch Rivero, Michael Eberwein, Josca Vos, Finn Otto, Justin Eylers and Julian Derstraff. These are all amazing personalities. Everyone has a picture as a souvenir. Keppa Badji initially returned to his regular club Werder Bremen. Also missing is Tim Schreiber.

Before the game – The mood on the stand is nice and relaxed, and the teams will be coming to the pitch soon. It has to start with an amazingly good background.

Before the game – Promotional Heroes of the Year 2012 were honored at the stadium. There are players like Marco Hartmann, Patrick Maui and Tennis Mast. “You laid the foundation. It’s nice to have you here today,” says HFC President Jens Raussenbach, while thanking former leaders such as Ralph Kohne and Michael Shatlich.

Before the game – A few words about the enemy. Striker Nilsson (14 goals) was the team’s top scorer, while right winger Gopal (8 assists) was the top producer. Liska is actually only the third goalkeeper at the club, but the other two – Stritzel and Boss – have been injured. SVWW is eighth in the table, but certainly expected this season.

Before the game – In the hall, Samson gets another chance, and he runs as a defense chief. So far, Coach Meyer has not relied on the former Second Division professional to be on contract at Halle until 2024. Maybe it’s love at first sight?

Before the match – This is how the guests around Coach Marcus Kaczynski go to the game: Liska – Stanik, Mockenhaft, Carstens – Goebbels, Jacobson, Dauftschofer, Rifle – Words – Farouk, Nilsson. Former HFC striker Sliskovic is on the bench early.

Before the game – One place at HFC Bank today is free. Next to Keeper Masonholer are Gostenhofer, Otto, Possel, Loder, Vos and Terstraff. Candidates saying goodbye to all field players, except the loader, will probably be a short task.

Before the game – it’s her, the last HFC of the season starting at eleven: Mல்லller – Wallard, Samson, Redteman – Cruiser, Lomansroben, Ditch Rivero, Sternberg – Sherbakovsky – Zimmersheet, Hood. So Meyer replaces the goalkeeper again, a good gesture to the long-injured M முller. Otherwise Samson will move to Needfield, replacing Sternberg Guttow and Zimmerskid Eberwein. Healthy Löhmannsröben has rejoined the suspended Landgraf team.

Before the match – Today’s match referee Patrick Swengers. D.He comes from a 27-year-old hinge and leads his 140th third division game. With the participation of the fifth HFC, Holly has not yet won under the Schwengers.

Before the game – The club uses the law to commemorate the promotion to the Third Division almost exactly ten years ago and to pay tribute to the heroes of that time. The former will probably be offered to fans at half time. Sven Köhler, who was the promotion coach at the time, once again explained to MZ that the team had entered Division 3.

Before the game – More interesting question than the game features: Which players will HFC say goodbye to before the official kick-off? So far, only the departures of Michael Eberwein and Julian Derstroff have been confirmed. But many more will follow, perhaps even today. Debts of secure candidates Kebba Badjie, Fynn Otto, Joscha Wosz, Tim Schreiber, all are coming to an end. Janek Sternberg, Sebastian Bösel, Niklas Kastenhofer, Marcel Titsch Rivero and Justin Eilers have no future at Halle.

Before the game – Not only many fans, but also Andre Meyer see the danger of mild summer heat. The HFC coach expects encouraging encouragement for his team: at least one negative record must be averted with today’s win of the season.

Before the game – Welcome to the last HFC live ticker of the season! As for the game, it’s not about anything for either club anymore, neither has achieved their goals. Maybe it will be a good kick without more pressure? We start here at about 12 p.m.


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