On the 26th day of League 1, Superstar Kylian Mbabane showed off her skills again!

The 23-year-old defeated AS Saint-Etienne 3-1 in Paris-Saint-Germain.

PSG got off to a bad start in the match: Danilo Pereira The ball falls very easily Denise Paunga Dropping to his own sixteen, Gabonis puts Saint-Etienne in the lead (16th).

Capitals need some time to recover from that, but get the balance through Mbappe before half time. Superstar freed by Lionel Messi on the right in the penalty area, shot from a tight angle, ASSE-keeper lucky Paul Bernardoni Makes a mistake – 1: 1 (42nd).

After the restart, it took the Messi-Mbabane pair 80 seconds to strike again. The Argentine player bounced off the penalty area, threw it at the right moment and his compatible French ally accepted it directly 2-1 (47th).

However, Mbappe got his best shot in the 52nd minute when he hit the ball through an external instep against the second post, where Danilo Pereira headed in a free-standing, thus correcting his mistake early on (52nd). It was 3-1, with PSG still having some good chances, but Nemiar failed in the post (79th).

PSG are still top with 60 points, while Saint-Etienne are 16th with 23 points.

Daniluik Bailt Pei Nissa-Remis

PSG extend their lead over the table as their nearest rivals, OGC Nice Racing, are tied at 0-0 in Strasbourg. Flavius ​​Daniel is not from Nice for unknown reasons.

Strasbourg had no goals, but Nice had two exceptions. Dante flies in yellow-red 48 minutes later and sees Justin Kluwert red just before the end.

Nice is now 14 points behind in first place, while Strasbourg is in fifth place with 43 points, leaving Southern France with just three points.

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Ligu 1 – Table >>>

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