In the yellow jersey, Julian Alleppey once again delighted the nation of Grande. After his opening victory on the second day at Mur-de-Bratagne, the world champion wants to advance.

Secondary of 108. Tour de France Is almost the first reflection. Today with Mur-de-Bratagne, a venomous climb of more than two kilometers and an average slope of 6.9 percent awaits drivers in the final.

Can the starting winner Julian Albilipe be included there?

Path: Even on the second day in Brittany, it will always be up and down. After starting at Peros-Kyrek, there are four climbs in fourth place in the 183.5km section and two climbs in the third section. There must be an exchange of blows again at Mur- de-Bratagne. This boom is very difficult for sprinters. Classic professionals are needed instead, but competitors for overall success must be careful not to waste any time. In addition, the bonus seconds for the top three drivers are not only in the finals, but also in the final climb.

Yellow Jersey: With his spectacular opening win, Albilipi is twelve seconds ahead of Australian Michael Mathews and 14 seconds ahead of last year’s tour runner-up Primos Rocklick in the overall standings. If the splitting team does not come, the world champion will have to take his lead. Will there be another win like 2019 when he rides in the yellow jersey for 14 days? According to German cycling hopeful Emanuel Bச்chmann, the overall rankings were already made after the first day, with he already two minutes behind Aleppo.

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German: German drivers should not have this opportunity. Buchman is a good climber. However, to win the podium, he does not have the explosiveness of Aleppo or Matthew van der Boyle (Netherlands). The stage will be made to suit Maximilian Sackman, but the Berlin native will not be seen touring this year because he is focused on the Olympics.

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