World Cup qualification

Liechtenstein was almost a “stangeli”, with Portugal only agreeing to a draw

Congratulations from the top of the table on Spain’s win overseas. The Portuguese could not go beyond the draw without a goal in Ireland and go under Liechtenstein in Germany. Summary of the most exciting games on Thursday evening.

Greece – Spain 0: 1 (0: 1)

In Athens, Spain takes a big step towards Qatar. The home team, which has only a theoretical chance of getting a World Cup ticket, is very defensive in the first round. “Furia Rose” shows an attempt against the low-ranked Greeks, who may take the lead for a questionable penalty. Pablo Sarabia is not worried and uses it with confidence. The second round offers some highlights. Not by the Greeks, not by the Spaniards. So the Iberians are now ahead of Sweden (see below) and can secure a one-point team win against the Scandinavians in Seville on Sunday.

Pablo Sarabia scored from the penalty spot in the 26th minute for Spain.


Germany – Liechtenstein 9: 0 (4: 0)

In the first leg, the Liechtensteiners expressed themselves from the best side, only having to concede a 0: 2 defeat at Land. In Wolfsburg, the game is determined after a few minutes. After defender Jens Hofer played very hard, he was on the field for less than 80 minutes with one of the guests. So the DFB-Elf runs towards runaway success. Meet Ilkay Kundokan (11th, penalty kick), Daniel Kaufman (20th, own goal), Leroy Chan (22nd / 49th), Marco Rios (23rd), Thomas Mல்லller (76th / 86th), Riddle Baku (80th) / 89. . For the four-time world champion. The Germans won the sixth World Cup qualifying round under Hansie Flick. Tickets for the World Cup were booked in October as the first team in the world.

Ireland – Portugal 0: 0 (0: 0)

At 38, Pepe is the oldest national player in the history of the 2016 European Championships. However, he did not want to celebrate Thursday evening. Guests must act more than the number in the last few minutes as the Portuguese central defender is warned twice within 10 minutes. Before that, the Portuguese showed little creativity and punch in a tough game. Group A’s decision will be made on Sunday when Portugal take on rival Serbia in Lisbon.

The Portuguese team around Cristiano Ronaldo in Ireland drew without a goal.

The Portuguese team around Cristiano Ronaldo in Ireland drew without a goal.


Georgia – Sweden 2: 0 (0: 0)

For the first time since March, 40-year-old Swedish superstar Sladen Ibrahimovic has returned to “Trey Kroner”. His team failed in his 119th mission. The Scandinavians are surprisingly facing a significant defeat in the foreigner Georgia. With his brace (61st / 78th), Switza Guaracelia became the hero of the Georgians, who celebrated only one victory in the current qualifying round.

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