Home Top News “Let’s Dance” 2022: These are the celebrities

“Let’s Dance” 2022: These are the celebrities

“Let’s Dance” 2022: These are the celebrities

In mid-February, RTL will send celebrities to Germany’s most popular television dance site. The station has now announced the top seven candidates for this year’s ‘Dance’.

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“Let’s Dance” has been one of the highlights of RTL’s complete show since its first season in 2006. This year too, the station will not be without its successful show: in 2022, celebrities will float on the TV floor for the 15th time with professional dancers. And fans won’t have to wait long until the start: the premiere kicks off on February 18th.

Candidate presents “Let’s Dance” premiere

Now RTL has announced the first seven candidates. CDU politician Wolfgang Bosbach’s daughter includes writer Carolyn Bosbach, pop singer Michael, actor Hardy Krüger Jr., TV star Sarah Mangione, GZSZ actor Timur Ülker, influencer and model Cheyenne Ochsenknecht and athlete Mathias.

The latter confirms a premiere with his “Let’s Dance” participation: the athlete is the first short candidate in the dance show. “Real size is not measured in centimeters, it is measured in points. After seven World Championship titles, I am ready for a new challenge. It is clear that my resolution for 2022 is to become a ‘dancing star’,” he clarified in an interview with RTL.

The arbitral tribunal stays

Before celebrities fight for the title, they must first clarify with which professional dancer they will compete. Couples are traditionally created for the big introductory show where the new “Let’s Dance” season starts on February 18th. It is not yet known which professionals will be there this year.

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But one thing is for sure: nothing will change about the arbitral tribunal. In 2022, points will again be awarded by Joachim Lamby, Motsi Mapus and George Gonzalez.


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