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Leon Drystel: Superstar in der NHL

Leon Drystel: Superstar in der NHL

Munich – It’s worth seeing. a promise. No, a big word of honor.

#ranNHL fans will already know. NHL supporters anyway. For them, it’s almost natural for Leon Dristel to play the way he does.

This is what it is.

The star of his trade, one of the best players in history. Even if the cinema is great on the ice, the powerful and elegant game with disc, this “phenomenon”, “the ultimate machine” (former national coach Uwe Krupp in “Sky”) should never be considered normal.

Awareness in Germany is missing

Because exceptional talent is seldom a part of everyday life, but it always feels like a vacation – exhilarating, entertaining and inspiring.

Draisaitl is Lionel Messi for hockey, if you will. Yes, this is probably kind of a perverted comparison. But he illustrates his sport’s standing well.

But what he’s missing is fame at home. Because a lot of people will probably pass through Germany if you ask them about it.

Draisaitl isn’t a shooting star, but he is a seasoned NHL veteran. Furthermore. He’s been under contract with Edmonton Oilers since 2014, and is constantly improving, both as a snowboarder, fairway fitting and as a snowmobile runner.

The former talent became an offensive man of international coordination. In recent years, in which he broke records, he became a top scorer and most important player, finally making his way to the world level.

Few notice it here. Germany’s 2020 Athlete of the Year elections also did not help. Draisaitl’s years of high altitude are still largely under the radar in this country. Despite his accomplishments, the NHL star has yet to break into the mainstream.

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Kind of Dirk Nowitzki

He’s “kind of Dirk Nowitzki, an absolute exceptional talent,” Krupp said, and that’s probably better.

Because both are similar not only in ability, but also in nature. Because Nowitzki was never the greatest artist far from parquet. However, it has been a cult in Germany for years. A crowd favorite.

A few years ago, Draisaitl himself made his goal to become a kind of “Dirk Nowitzki of ice hockey”.

But what still lags behind in this comparison is prestige in the home.

Draisaitl can live with that, but he can also change it.

Because perhaps the big hit, the Stanley Cup win, is missing to follow in Nowitzki’s footsteps. Chances are good, after beating the Calgary Flames 4-1 in the series, the Oilers reached the Conference Finals against the Colorado Avalanche.

The share of success is great

His share of success is huge, with the 26-year-old proving his category – along with his sweet partner Conor McDavid – this season and is now the top scorer in the playoffs once again. Help King Secret of Success said: “We stand together, even if we are a goal or a match. We have made great strides.”

One step away from the Grand Final, Edmonton hasn’t gotten there since 2006. Then anything is possible in the Best of Seven series anyway.

Undoubtedly: It would be beneficial not only to give ice hockey a chance in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs (NHL playoff matches live on ProSieben MAXX and ran.de), but also an exceptional athlete.

You don’t have to know players like Draisaitl from stories, from newspapers, but from their work experience. Enjoy. a fan.

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Because he will deliver again, shine, evoke. the talk.

A great word of honor.

Andreas Reiners

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